Financial Planning Report

Following an Initial Meeting, usually the next step in our road to providing you with a complete Financial Planning solution to your needs and requirements is for us to write a Financial Planning Report. This is because we believe that proper and relevant recommendations and solutions to your needs can only be found if the whole of your circumstances are taken into account.

Our Advisers are all Independent which means that we give the best advice for you.

The aim of this Report is to consider where you are, to summarise what you want to achieve and to make recommendations as to what you should do to realise your dreams and reduce your fears.

The Report is usually divided into sections:

The cost of the Financial Planning Report will be discussed in the Initial Meeting and confirmed to you in the letter following our meeting. This cost will only be incurred if you confirm that you want to go ahead with the Report and payment will be required once the Report is finalised and sent to you.

The Report usually covers:

The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate Will writing and Taxation and Trust advice.

Current policies will be reviewed to see if they are still suitable and cost effective, and we will recommend whether you should continue with them or replace them.

Alternatives strategies will be recommended where appropriate.

Whatever the recommendations in the Report, if documentation is required to take these forward, this will usually be sent with the Report. We will make sure that this is partially completed for you and an additional meeting and/or telephone conversation are frequently held to assist with the finalisation of any documentation.

You are under no obligation to follow any of the recommendations that we make – once you have paid for the Report it is yours to keep. However, we usually find that most of our recommendations are taken up.

There is also usually the opportunity to meet with the Adviser again once you have received the Report. This means that you can talk through the recommendations and ask any questions you might have before you take the recommendations forward.

Where polices are subsequently established as a result of our recommendations, we will ensure that the policies are established as quickly and as smoothly as possible.

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