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 About Us

Background & Aims

Ward Williams Financial Services Ltd was originally established by Ward Williams Chartered Accountants (Ward Williams Ltd) as a separate company to provide Independent Financial Advice to its personal and business clients, as well as its professional connections.  Ward Williams Financial Services Ltd is owned by the principals of Ward Williams Ltd and Ward Williams Financial Services Ltd. 

Ward Williams Financial Services Ltd (WWFS) is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

The team at WWFS believe that professional advice, when delivered in an active and constructive way, can add significant value to individuals and businesses and that there is a considerable hidden cost in not obtaining the best advice at an appropriate time.

We are highly proficient and experienced in understanding and creatively analysing a client's needs, identifying the most appropriate solutions and providing an ongoing, effective review service.

Just as important as advisory services are administration and management.  For individual and corporate clients alike, WWFS has fully computerised systems enabling portfolios, policies and schemes to be recorded, accessed and analysed as required.

WWFS never handles client money. Policies and investments are always registered in the name of the client.

The team provides the full range of professional advice from straight-forward protection policies to complex retirement and Inheritance Tax planning solutions.  Will instructions and advice on powers of attorney are also covered, enabling us to provide a full holistic approach to a client’s needs.

The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate will writing and taxation and trust advice

All charges are fully disclosed, discussed and agreed prior to work being commissioned and many charging options are available, which enables clients to choose an option most suitable for them.

We aim to establish a partnership with our clients to assist in the creation and preservation of wealth and security and the ongoing service that we provide is key to delivering our side of the relationship.  This two-way relationship enables us to ensure that the changing needs and aspirations of our clients can continue to be met as circumstances develop.
Our business areas can be split into:

However, since we deal with many SMEs, there is often an overlap between the two.  We see our ability to give joined-up advice to Directors of SMEs, both personally and as Directors, as a strength of our business model since our recommendations can be more effective and pertinent.

 Independent Advice

Why choose an Independent Financial Adviser?

Independent Financial Advisers (IFAs) are rightly proud of their Independent status and they are easily identifiable by the IFA logo found in the bottom right-hand corner of this page.

In essence, Independent Financial Advisers have NO TIES with, or any commitments to any of the providers of the arrangements that might be recommended to you. An Independent Adviser is committed and obliged, by nature of his or her regulated status, to give you advice sourced from the whole market and not from a few chosen providers.

We, at Ward Williams Financial Services Ltd, strongly believe that Independent advice is the best advice that you can get. This is the only way you can be sure that the adviser you are dealing with has your best interests in mind when advice is given. It is the only way, also of ensuring that you have the best options available when you come to pay for the advice.

All advisers are personally regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and it is possible for an adviser to be regulated in three ways:

When you receive advice from a Tied Adviser, he or she can only make recommendations that relate to the provider to whom they are tied. This result is that it limits the choice of provider to one. The product recommended will be the product only of that provider and, it will not necessarily be the most suitable/most cost effective/best performing/most flexible. It will just be the product offered by that provider. Many high-street banks, building societies and life insurance companies with direct sales teams operate this way.

A multi-tied adviser has links with more than one company so in theory can offer greater choice. However, there is no guarantee that there is more choice – they may just use different providers for different products – for example, they may use one company for life assurance but a different company for pensions. In this way, and for a particular product, they are similar to a Tied Adviser.

A Tied Adviser matches a client to a product rather than a product to a client.

An Independent Financial Adviser, however, works hard to understand the client, their circumstances, their needs, hopes, fears and dreams. In order to help them, a particular product, such as life assurance, may be suitable. In the case of the IFA, they will then research the whole market to find the, most suitable and most cost effective product undertake from the whole market that best fulfils the clients’ requirements.

All advisers will seek to be remunerated for the work that they do. All advisers have to set out how they are going to charge, and how much they are going to charge in advance of providing advice.

IFAs are the only advisers who MUST give you the option of paying for this advice by way of fee rather than commission. This means that they offer more flexibility on how they charge for their services.